our aim is to encourage children to the world of gardening, how Vegetables and Flowers grow; become aware of Seasons and Seasonality of Foods and the patience and dedication needed to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Is open to the following places of Education in our region

1 Pre Schools

2 Primary Schools

3 Senior Schools

{Schools for Special Needs may choose whichever category they consider most suitable and will be judged within that category on an equal basis. Please state on entry form which category chosen.]


1 Make a Flower Pot Man/Woman using Plastic or Fibre pots only [not Clay or Pottery] to a maximum sitting or standing height of 30cm and decorate. 2 only per School

2 Grow Soup. Using ingredients grown at School, make Soup. List the ingredients and send photographs only of the method and result.

3 Using recycled materials make a wind chime.

4 Grow a Pollinator garden in a  recycled item – use your imagination1 Send photographs

5 Compose a song about plants, send the words and state to what tune they are to be sung. May be illustrated.


Competition 2017/2018  entry forms to be returned by 01/01/2018

Carefully label and transport all your entries to

Mrs Piddington, 40 Westbrook Grove Waterlooville PO7 5HX

BY 31ST MAY 2018  For judging at the Purbrook Horticultural Society monthly meeting by attending members. A Trophy will be awarded to the winning School. Members decision will be final.


2017 Trophy Winners were:

St Alban’s Primary  School        West Leigh
Barncroft Primary   School  Leigh Park
iverside Community Special School Waterlooville
Warren Park Primary School Leigh Park
Petersgate Primary School After School Cookery and Gardening Club Clanfield

All receive a Trophy in recognition of their efforts but the overall winner who also received the 45 generously donated by voting members was Petersgate Primary    Clanfield


TO ALL OUR MEMBERS – Can you spare some time to talk to a class of children at a local school on any gardening topic? As part of the our programme of liaison with schools in this area we are looking for volunteers to share their experiences with the next generation of  gardeners on any topic they enjoy. If you can help in any way please contact Lynda Piddington by email for more details. Please use the email button on the Contacts page.